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About our society

'Not for Profit organisation, meetings are open to members and non-members'


'An integral part of our meetings...is a cup of tea!'

The Society was originally set up in the 1960s and headed by a number of talented and vibrant people during the years, bringing it into the age of technology.

Meetings are open to members as well as non-members. Because we are a ‘not for profit’ organisation a small donation is charged for the cost of renting a room for gatherings and to continue the essential enjoyment of a cup of tea and refreshments that has become an integral part of our gatherings.

Although we don’t offer any specific services to the public, some of our members do, but the Society can’t recommend or endorse any of these services. It is better that you come along and meet diviners and make up your own mind. After all our aim is to “Help Others and to Help them Help Themselves”.

We do take part, when asked, in projects and events that may interest us. One such involvement was with two students who came to us to improve their divining skills so as to be able to measure the body’s aura field. They showcased their findings at the Young Scientists Exhibition in The RDS. We were delighted to be involved with this project.

The Society also took part in a survey, the results of which was published in a book ‘Newgrange: The Mystery of the Chequered Lights’ by Hugh Kearns.

Membership is open to all those who are genuinely interested in divining/dowsing and related fields. If you have an open mind you will learn a lot. Meetings are informal, usually ending with some divining practice, discussions and a cup of tea.