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The purpose of the society is to: 'help others, and help them to help themselves'


Welcome to the Irish Society of Diviners web site.
Cumann Collóirí na hÉireann.

We are a non-profit making organisation run by volunteers who freely give of their time.   Although we don’t offer any specific services to the public, some of our members do, but the Society can’t recommend or endorse any of these services.  We recommend that you come along to our meetings and we will be true to our motto above.   All are welcome to join the Society, just come along to one of our meetings and find out more about our activities or visit our facebook page at

Divining/dowsing is an ancient art going back to the earliest records of human life on earth.   It is a skill that can be learned and used in any aspect of life e.g. diet, health, finding missing persons and objects, locating water, finding minerals, identifying geopathic stress & black streams etc., quiet a wide range really.

Learning to divine/dowse is easy, with lots of practice valuable experience can be gained.   An open inquisitive mind is essential along with sharing experiences with others you will then notice some progress in no time at all.

So why not make contact, meet like-minded people, share knowledge and know-how, learn new skills and join in outings & other events.


Our speaker on Tuesday will be Ciaran Graham . The title of his talk is : The future role of diviners. In January 2021 a group of scientists predicted a significant change in climate occurring that will impact life on earth. They noted that the life span of the human population would be a maximum of 2 generations. Ciarans talk will discuss the validity and possibility of such a statement and the role that diviners worldwide would have in supporting life on earth going forward.   Ciaran is an experienced diviner. In his role as a former sea captain he has travelled extensively and as farmer he has an appreciation for the earth.

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